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Sophisticated Mirrix Style

Give somebody close to you a personal symbol of love


Madame Kalalu unique handcrafted accessories Sophisticated Mirrix Style bracelets make an excellent addition to your collection and can be worn on any occasion with the right choice of your attire. With a secure and beautiful clasp, you can rest assured that Sophisticated Mirrix Style , as a beautiful piece of art will not fall off from your hand and you will be able to enjoy it for many years, given its durable and long lasting structure.


Unique handcrafted accessories

Madame Kalalú blue tagua charm

Madame Kalalu Unique handcrafted Charms made with tagua seeds and tagua leafs combined with colourful beads.These can be donned at every occasion. We have different styles for different occasions because of the variety we have.

Our accessories are unique, novel and original in design. Addition of tagua seeds and leaves make for stunningly artistic designs. We use special harvested seeds which make up for exceptionally amazing looking designs. These charms not only add to your overall look but also enhance your demeanor with a touch of arty accessories.

Boho Style Bracelets

Fashion-forward items any woman should have

Madame Kalalú bracelet

A piece of jewelry can be so much more than a simple accessory and these bracelets prove it. Hand-crafted by using authentic beads from Colombia, Panama, Cuba and Peru, these woven bracelets come in vivid colors and one-of-a-kind striking designs that will reflect your adventurous spirit and creative personality.

Each of the bracelets is made with premium quality materials and because they’re hand-made, no two are alike! Make a bold statement or an exclusive gift to a loved one with Madame Kalalu’s unique threaded bracelets.

 Boho Chic Bracelet

A few things to keep in mind

Bracelet Madame Kalalu

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Mirrix Style  

Unique handcrafted accessories

Bracelet purple Madame Kalalú

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Unique handmade accessories

Madame Kalalú red charm tagua seeds

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Boho Bracelet 

Handmade bracelet

Madame Kalalu bracelet

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Mirrix Mini

Handcrafted bracelet

Bracelet Madame Kalalú

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A few things to keep in mind

Madame Kalalú charm

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